The levels of ongoing high level performance necessary to reach goals that are important in a company’s success are difficult to create and sustain.

More often than not, managers swing between a micro-managerial and a hands-off managerial approach. The micro-managing approach leads to over-worked, uninspired, disgruntled employees. The hands-off approach leads to employees lacking clarity, playing small and hiding out. Either way, performance is much lower than what is possible, important goals are not being met, and time/money is being wasted.

The Tranformance Game Platform solves this problem by integrating 100% clarity, 100% accountability, and 100% fixibility into a company’s structure – all within the context of a fun, thematic game structure.

Employees know what to work on when, and the impact of not accomplishing it. If something does not get done, the impact is clear in real-time. And the source of any problem gets addressed not by reprimanding and fear-based motivation, but by identifying and fixing it – leading to sustained performance growth.


The TBC Game Platform develops clear, focused, goal oriented, gamified action by…

“Imagine walking into your office seeing people excited to be at work, clear on what to do, and actually doing it on time!”

Our Approach Delivers

Have you tried "Productivity Strategies" that never seem to stick? Research shows that 360 Reviews, quick-fix trainings and time intensive team building off-sites simply do not work.

The Transformance 90-Day Game creates world-class business culture using a performance-based, purpose-driven, gamified system.

The 90-Day Game

Through the 90-Day Game we uniquely combine stretch-goal games, individual/team transformative coaching, and Performance Driven Corporate Social Responsibility to maximize company profits while making a tangible, social contribution and supporting employees in leading happy, healthy lives.

Additional Services

Our services include the 90-Day Game Creation Off-Site (get your team clear, aligned and inspired for what will be generated over the next 90 days), Transformance Trainings (train your team to apply cutting edge high performance practices), and 1-1 and Team Performance / Cultural Conflict Resolution sessions to maximize workability, sustainability and fun.

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