The quality of the leadership in a company significantly impacts the company’s ability to achieve Sustained, Easeful, Rapid Scale (SERS).

Our Transformance team provides a variety of offerings to support leaders / and lead teams in having the skills and tools to powerfully navigate the challenges of leading at a fast-growth company.

The Transformance Leadership Development Programs listed below are designed for leaders / lead teams that:

  • Are looking to get clear and aligned on how they want to be in partnership together.
  • See part of their role as leaders is to grow and transform with the company.
  • Place high value the quality of their work relationships.
  • Want to model and create a culture of integrity, accountability, creativity and self-expression.
  • Want to inspire their direct reports to be A+ Players at work AND in life.

In addition to the Leadership Development Programs listed below, we can also custom design programs to suit your specific needs.

Leadership Team Stuck-Point Resolution

Leadership Teams in companies that are scaling rapidly commonly experience “Stuck-Points”. These Stuck-Points can be related to strategic thinking, execution issues, interpersonal friction, etc. When these Stuck-Points are in play, it can cause frustration and inefficiency that trickles down through the rest of the company.

Lead Teams can greatly benefit from outside coaching support to move from stuck, to unstuck – as they are often too “in it” to be able to craft a sustainable solution.

You’ll move from from stuck to unstuck for immediate relief as well as get trained on the tools you can use to uplevel your leadership skills moving forward.

These 2-hr sessions can be stand alone or in packages as needed and are led by Raj Sundra.

Leadership Development Program

In order for a company to go where it wants to go, it’s paramount that the Lead Team be performing at the level it needs to be – individually and collectively. Everything trickles down from the Lead Team… and anywhere the Lead Team is not functioning well will negatively “infect” the rest of the workforce… making it that much more challenging to reach the company objectives (or have a healthy culture doing it).

Investing in Lead Team Coaching / Development is one of the most high leverage actions you can take for your company.

This program is customized to meet the needs of the company, ranging from weekly coaching support, to deeper dive leadership development work with trainings on key empowered leadership tools.

These 8-12 week packages can be done remotely via Zoom and are led by Raj Sundra.

Purposeful Partnership Planning

A business partner relationship can be as important and as challenging as a romantic relationship. It’s often as impactful on your experience of life and in some cases, even more so.

This process is for business partners, (or potential business partners), who want to get intentional, clear, aligned and inspired around their relationship, roles, agreements, visions and more.

It’s helps partners first get clear on the details of their personal vision. Then explore where their individual visions are, (or are not), aligned. Finally we create an inspiring shared vision that will guide the partnership and company culture in a way that minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes meaningful momentum.

The Purposeful Partnership Planning Process is guided by Gabrielle Sundra. It can be done over two afternoons in person in beautiful Santa Barbara or via zoom over 4 weeks.

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