How Who You Are BEING Impacts Others

What does it mean to “BE” anyway? Have you ever been asked “Who are you BEING right now?”… or have you said “That person is BEING xzy right now”.

We see this word used all over the place in our culture… yet we rarely pause to think about the power contained in this simple word.

Who we are Being in any moment has such a profound impact on our lives that it is well worth exploring and understanding more deeply.

Two of the ways that Being impacts our lives are (1) it has a massive influence on how others interact with us, and (2) it directly impacts the quality of action we take, and the resulting experience of life we have.

In this article we are going to focus on (1) – how who we are Being impacts how others interact with us. Next week we will dive into (2).

Your Being’s Influence on Others

Have you ever been around a person that just lights you up, maybe relaxes you, makes you laugh, has you feel calm? Or on the flip side a person that upsets you, agitates you, makes you angry, makes you stressed out?

Consider that in large part, the effect or impact that you have on people stems directly from who you are Being with them. If you are Being great with them, they will feel great. If you are Being shitty with them, they will feel shitty.

In the workplace, who we are Being can make a massive difference in how effective we are, if people listen to our ideas, if we can work well with others, and if the net impact of our presence is positive or negative.

To flex your understanding of your Being muscle, say out loud who each of the people in the photos below are Being when the photo was captured.


One of the things to notice is that for the most part we are unconscious of who we are Being with others in any moment. And in that, unconscious of the impact we are having on others that are in our space.

As a practice to increase your levels of consciousness around who you are Being, for the next hour, verbally identify (by saying out loud) who you notice yourself being in any moment. Like, right now, say who you are Being. You may even set a 10 minute timer to remind you to check in with who you are Being at 10 minute intervals.

By you practicing naming who you are being, you will start bringing more of your awareness to who you are being throughout the day. When you are more aware / conscious of who you are being… you can choose to consciously shift who you are Being in that moment to best produce the outcome you are after.

For example, if you are working to enroll coworkers in a new idea, you might take on Being upbeat and confident. If you are supporting a coworker in something they are upset about, you may take on Being loving and compassionate. If you need to convey important information about a Project, you may take on Being clear and concise.

Transformance Tool Traction Action

To master consciously choosing who you are Being (which will support you in upleveling your workplace performance and net impact), practice these steps for at least 1 day this week:

  1. Start paying attention to who you are Being in any moment when interacting with a co-worker.
  2. Name that way of Being to yourself.
  3. Decide if that way of Being is the most “tuned” way of Being to produce the outcome you are after with the other person.
  4. If not, shift your way of Being by (a) identifying the way of Being that would best serve you, and then (b) embodying the physical and emotional state that would be in alignment with that way of Being.
  5. To really drive things home, note the impact that shifting your way of Being has on the person you are interacting with. If the shift is not what you wanted, then try on another way of Being.

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