BEING 100% Responsible

In the workplace (and in life) there are areas where we can get stuck, and stay stuck for prolonged periods of time.

For example – at work maybe your computer is super slow and it is significantly hindering your ability to get things done efficiently, and you KNOW you need a new computer – but you have not done anything about it in nearly a year.

In your personal life maybe the memory on your phone is full and you can’t take any more videos, and you KNOW you need to get some of the existing videos off of your phone to clear up space – but 6 months have passed and you still can’t take a video with your phone.

The tool we are going to be exploring today to support you in going from Stuck to Unstoppable is called “Being 100% Responsible”. In this article we will be looking at (1) what does it mean to Be 100% Responsible; (2) why this is important in the workplace and in your personal life; (3) a 6-Step process that will support you in Being 100% Responsible in all areas of your life; and (4) some extra tips to support you in getting the most out of this tool.

transformance_orange_butterflyonly_logoWhat it Means to Be 100% Responsible

By our definition, Being 100% Responsible is:

  • Shifting the “locus of control” to you.
  • Claiming the ability to have things the way you want them to be.
  • Being in action towards that.

And it isn’t:

  • Shifting the “locus of control” outside of you.
  • Giving up the ability to have things the way you want them to be.
  • AND complaining about it!

The images below show some examples of what it looks like when you are not Being 100% Responsible.

Being responsible_blog_image2Being responsible_blog_image3  Being responsible_blog_image1

One easy way to know when you are NOT Being 100% Responsible is if when you are stuck or stopped in moving from how it is, to how you want it to be – you stay stuck, and you complain about it.

transformance_orange_butterflyonly_logoWhy do We Care?

In work and in our personal lives, as human beings we inevitable get stuck in something being one way and wanting it to be another way. We gave a couple of technology related examples above – slow computer and phone with no more space for videos. And, if you stopped for a moment, you could probably identify at least 5 more things in work and your personal life that are not how you want them to be, and you are stuck with them being that way.

So, why is this tool important… why do we care? From a quality of life perspective, to be stuck with things not being the way you want them to in any area of your life is frustrating, demotivating, de-energizing and can contribute to an overall experience of unhappiness. And who wants that?!

In the workplace, if an employee is experiencing frustration etc. as a result if things not being the way the employee would like them to, they are likely to be less efficient, less creative, less collaborative – and generally a less impactful contributor to the company’s success. This then has the wage you are paying them produce less or lower quality results than you would like.

Taking a different look, if an employee or team is unable to produce a certain result that they are tasked with producing (like meeting sales numbers or delivering service to the expected level), and they are stuck not being able to produce those results over a period of time – this can also have a significant negative impact on your company for obvious reasons.

Overall – we care about this tool of Being 100% Responsible because it empowers us to have things be the way we want them to be… instead of being stuck and a victim to how things are.

transformance_orange_butterflyonly_logoThe 6-Step Being 100% Responsible Process

When you do find yourself stuck in any area of your life, apply this Transformance 6-Step Being 100% Responsible Process to move from stuck to unstoppable in having things be the way you want them to be.

Image from iOS (2)

transformance_orange_butterflyonly_logoExtra Tool Tips

Some tips to get the most out of this tool

  1. Do each step!
  2. Copy Steps 1-6 into a document and write out your answers to each step.
  3. Do this process with a supportive friend or colleague – especially in Steps 4 and 5 as we are often not able to see why we are stopped (Step 4), nor are we able to create what the next step is to get us unstuck and into action (Step 5).
  4. Create some sort of accountability structure to make sure you are unstoppable in taking the action you identified (Step 6).

transformance_orange_butterflyonly_logoTransformance Tool Traction Action

To master the Being 100% Responsible tool and use it to move from stuck to unstoppable in any area of your life…

  1. Identify 1 area in your work life, and 1 area in your personal life where you feel stuck or stopped.
  2. Use this slide deck and use the 6-Step IDWSSA process.
  3. Be sure to close the loop on this exercise by doing Step 6: Be bold, brave and UNSTOPPABLE with the 1 action from Step 5 with focus on how you want it to be / knowing you can have it that way.

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